Thinkific vs Teachable | Which one is the best (comparison) in 2022.

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Thinkific vs Teachable | Which one is the best (comparison) in 2022.

since the covid 19 pandemic, online learning has become more popular to both professors and students from all walks of life, if your looking to make money online by selling your online courses then consider Thinkific or teachable.

if you are planning to laugh your online courses then you need to have a good platform that helps you manage all your activities.

the two platforms that come to mind are Thinkific and teachable, but the question is which is the best.

this guild will help you choose between those two platforms.

However, it can be time-consuming to research all these platforms by visiting them one by one.

To make it easier, this guide breaks down Thinkific vs Teachable based on features, price, revenue potential, and more.

Let us get started.

Disclaimer: This article contains an affiliate link which I may receive commission and you will receive a discount on any of those platforms if you decided to use one of them.

What are thinkific and teachable?

both thinkific and teachable are online platforms that you to create and sell your online course, these companies are responsible for managing everything for you, creating your course, and letting the companies (thinkific vs teachable) manage it for you.


Thinikifc is an online platform that allows you to create and sell your online course, it has all the features you need inorder to manage and control your student

thinkific vs teachable


Teachable is also an online platform that allows you to create and sell your online courses and manage all your courses activities in one dashboard,

so check this article where we compared Thinkific vs teachable. if you decided to go online with your teaching which one should you choose.

thinkific vs teachable

Thinkific vs Teachable | Top features

Top FeaturesThinkificTeachablePriceGet started for freeGet started for freeUnlimited courses and communities.✅✅Enroll an unlimited number of students.✅✅Create courses with any content type.✅✅Learning communities.✅Requires Paid 3rd party integration
Administrator accounts.Unlimited
20 maximumExpert customer support.✅Email and Live Chat onlyLive Lessons with Zoom.✅❌Student course reviews.✅❌Automated tax collection.❌✅App integrations.70+ in the Thinkific App Store

with this overview review of Thinkific vs teachable, you can know which one is the winner, Thinkific scores 9% points while teachable scores 1%.

Thinkific the winner

Thinkific vs Teachable pricing plans

both companies have different pricing plans based on their service, but all of them have free plans with limited access but thinkific has free trials of the premium account.

Thinkific Pricing

thinkific has a 20% discount on its annual subscription and offers 39$ per month and up to399 per month,

if you have decided to go with thinkific, you get started with the free trials to test all the premium tools for free.

30 days free trial of premium account, this is an affiliate link that can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan.

thinkific vs teachable
thinkific princing

Teachable pricing

teachable offer up to 25% with their annual subscription plan, which is good than thinkific 20% discount on their annual subscription plan

teachable also provides 4 different pricing plans which are as follows, the free plan has a lot of limitations compared to thinkific, unless if you’re going to the paid plan

- Free: $0

- Basic: $29 per month

- Pro: $99 per month

- Business: $249 per month

thinkific vs teachable

Thinkific offers up to 20% with their annual subscription and teachable offer a 25% discount with their annual subscription, which makes teachable win with the pricing plan.

Teachable is cheaper with an annual subscription

Thinkific Review

Check out my full Thinkific review where I exploit it in detail

Here are the pros and cons of using these platforms not only my own opinions, I will leave a link to Trustpilot review, if you still want more information.

PronsCons✅no transaction fees.
❎The free plan comes with limited features.
✅Easy course navigation and organization for enhanced efficiency.
❎It doesn’t come with the ability to conduct workshops or live office hours.
✅Free trial period and the ability to create a course without inputting your credit card.
❎Not as many advanced quiz and survey features.
✅Thinkific offers the flexibility to create as many courses as you want.
❎A little less flexible than Teachable.
✅You don’t pay extra for video hosting.
✅Leverage payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal to get instant payments.
✅You can embed your course sales widget and market your course directly on your blog posts, social media, or third-party website.
✅no third-party software is required for community learning.

Try 30 days of a premium account for free

Teachable Review

Here are some pros and cons of teachable when compared to Thinkific.

PronsCons✅Has a solid iOS app.
❎Can’t bulk sell courses as easily.
✅Offers premium live chat support.
❎Less pricing options for customers than Thinkific.
✅Strong analytics and reporting tools.
❎Thinkific has stronger course compliance.
✅You don’t pay extra for video hosting.
❎Transaction fees.
✅Flexible and user-friendly interface.
✅Strong analytics and reporting tools.
Try teachable for free

TrustPilot overall rating.

the problem with these online platforms, you will be able to know if it’s good or not unless you test them out by yourself, but what if you didn’t test them before, how will you know if it’s are good for you or not.

This is where Trustpilot comes in, Trustpilot is a platform where everyone reviews whatever he/she is using online.

if you have never used the software before and you decided to use it, visit Trustpilot and read what other people are saying about it.

everyone who reviews something, it’s clear that he/she has tested it before, it’s clearly evident if something is good or not based on their review.

thinkific review in trustpilot

thinkific vs teachable

Thinkific is rated “Excellent” based on 567 reviews on Trustpilot with an average of 4.6 compared to teachable.

with this rating and review Thinkific stand as a good platform for creating online courses but what about teachable,

let’s take a look.

Teachable review in trustpilot.

Thinkific vs Teachable

Teachable is rated “Average” based on 147 reviews on Trustpilot compared to Thinkific.

Based on this review, it’s clear that Thinkific is much better than teachable because those who review those platforms have tested them.


at these points, you have already made up your mind on which platform your going to use, but based on this comparison Thinkific stands as the best platform compared to teachable.

I recommend you to go for a free trial first before you start to pay so that you will test all the features of Thinkific if you decided to go with it.

you can use all the premium tools of Thinkific for free to test everything before you decided to go with the paid plan.

you can check out my full Thinkific review where I exploit in detail all the features, and check out and learn more about digital marketing and online business skills.

Disclaimer: These articles contain affiliate links to which I may receive commission and you may receive a discount if you decided to for a paid plan.



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