My Encounter with a Freelancer: a case study in 2022.

Johni Man
4 min readJul 7, 2022


My Encounter with a Freelancer: a case study in 2022.

Hey, I think I have some I dear that will help you out.

I know as a new freelancer, it’s really hard to find clients because nowadays people are afraid of the internet because of the rapid growth of scammers.

Nobody can buy anything from you unless they know you.

But here is the questions, nobody knows me am still new with no review, how can I get a client.

What can a new freelancer do?


As a new freelancer, You first need to build trust with people,

go out side there and look for people build relationships with clients, show them how you work, don’t expect money at that moment, build trust and friendship then later turn the friendship into customers

It happen to me, a lady from the US contact me and asked me, hey am a writer, I have been a fan of your work, I have read your article and I love them.

So I want to write an article for you, but for free, I’m not charging for this it’s free.

There is nothing in online business as headache as writing an article.

When I get somebody who needs to write an article for me for free, I definitely give her the chance.

I send her the keywords and tell her how to outline them.

After 3 days I got my article, 100% perfect, I publish it and it’s getting traffic. At that moment I trust her.

After a week She contact me and asked me if she should work with me.

With what she did, I have no reason to say no, she’s changing 50$ per article and it’s ok with me because I know how she’s working.

Now she’s working with me and everything is cool.

The lesson I learned from this lady

She first makes me trust her before she thinks of a business.

she’s using keywords to search for specific people who she can contact and work for free for those people.

I know now you have been saying I don’t have time to work for free for a client.

Bro if you really wanna make your copywriting business a real business, invest some time to build trust.

Forget about money 🤑, on the first 1–2 or even 3 months, build trust with clients.

Imagine having like 10 people who trusted your service, how much more will they recommend you to their friends.

Don’t think about this get rich quick industry, they are using you to get money 💰.

What to do as a new Freelancer.

what I expect from you as a new freelancer, is to know who your customers are and understand their needs.

look at what your competitors are doing, clone their success, go to websites like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, etc, and check for people who are doing the same service work as you do.

But here you need to look for successful freelancers and build relationships with them if you can, asked them about their work, and tell them you’re also providing the same service, and most of them are already having a lot of clients if you build a good relationship with them.

they will even ask you to work together if they have a lot of projects to do. some of them but others will not, it will only work if you have a good relationship with them.

Why do I share this case study with you?

this is the second case study I share with my audience, I believe that telling people something you experience, will help them get a few shortcuts because how you fail/succeed they will plan to do more in order that they will not repeat your mistake.

if you want to check my first case study click here.

I just want you to know that anything is possible if you do it in the right way.

do not think about money at this stage, set a plan like a six-month plan but in the first two-month focus on building trust, not money.

I hope you find this case study helpful, if you do, let us know in the comment below if you have something similar like this.

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Good luck in finding your first client



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