Affiliate Marketing Case Study: How I got 2 conversion

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Affiliate Marketing Case Study: How I got 2 conversion

Many people feel discouraged when thinking about the affiliate marketing business, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not so hard the way you think. Today, I will share a particular affiliate marketing case study I made to motivate and push you to start an affiliate marketing business.

in this case study, I am going to work with you step-by-step strategy on how I make the conversion in just two days.

I will show you the product I choose, how I promote it, where I promote it, and much more, just continue reading to the end, I think this will be a case study that will help you to start an affiliate marketing business

What to do in this Affiliate Marketing Case Study?

Many affiliate programs are out there ready to promote but remember this whenever you choose an affiliate program to promote make sure you apply all this information listed below.

1. choose an affiliate program with recurring commission!

Before we go deep into this, let’s first understand what is affiliate recurring commission.

Affiliate recurring commission refers to the affiliate products that help you earn a commission for every purchase one of your referrals makes, it will not be on their first t purchase. So you’ll earn money as long as your referrals remain to pay customers.

List of some top affiliate programs to promote!

ConverKit affiliate program

As a ConvertKit affiliate you could be doing all those things for your audience while also earning a recurring 30% commission for every creator you send our way.

sendinblue affiliate program

With sendinblue you will be able to Earn 5€ commission when someone creates an account on Sendinblue even without buying anything, you will get paid. If that user buys a subscription, you’ll receive an additional 100€, best affiliate affiliate program for evry one to start

Tubebuddy affiliate program

tubebuddy affiliate program gives you 30% Recurring commission for every customer you reffer to this tool.

Get 50 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a VIP Affiliate

- 40% Commission

- No minimum payment

- 1 Year free Star level upgrade for yourself

Get 250 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a Super Affiliate

- 50% Commission

- No minimum payment

- Free Lifetime Legend upgrade for yourself

Getresponse affiliate program

2. choose an affiliate program with a direct affiliate link!

Many websites out there don’t allow direct affiliate links to be posted on their website, some of them are Quora and Reddit those websites ban users automatically after posting a direct affiliate link unless you create landing pages or click funnel

3. long cookie duration!

Cookie duration is very important to remember Because when someone clicks on your affiliate link and after some second he leaves that website up to 90days he still comes back to buy something on this website you will still get a commission, why because your affiliate link is store in his device, a computer or phone.

remember to choose an affiliate program with a long cookie duration

Which product I choose?

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

The product we are going to use in this case study is tubebuddy, we are going to look into deep about tubebuddy and how to promote it to build a real affiliate marketing business.

What is tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a youtube management tool that helps YouTubers to grow, optimize, promote their youtube videos and channel.

First of all, Tubebuddy affiliate program gives you a 30% Recurring commission.

Tubebuddy affiliate program simple Reviews.

Standard Affiliate

- 30% commission

- Recurring Commision

- 10$ minimum payout

- pay through paypal

VIP Affiliate

- 40% commission

- Recurring commission

- No minimum Payout

- Free 1 Year star upgrade for yourself

Super Affiliate

- 50% commission

- Recurring Commission

- No minimum payout

- Free lifetime legent upgrade for yourself

Tubebuddy also has one of the best affiliate programs that will help everyone even if you don’t do affiliate marketing business before.

1 Tubebuddy has no approval compared to other affiliate programs like convertkit and Sendinblue.

2 Tubebuddy offer direct affiliate link to promote without any restriction, for instance,

3 Tubebuddy gives one of the best promotional tools for you to start promoting after you get your affiliate link.

|Get Started With Tubebuddy

What method of promotion do I use?

You have already got your Tubebuddy affiliate link now it’s time to promote it but how?

If you are already doing affiliate marketing business you know how you promote your affiliate link but if you are new in this business then I am going to show some alternatives on how will start promoting your affiliate link both free method and paid method.

Free Method of promoting an affiliate link

free method is ok but it’s required some work from you, find some Facebook groups related to your affiliate niche for instance if the promoting tubebuddy affiliate program you will need to look for a youtube grown group ask questions, answer questions and link back to your affiliate link, with tubebuudy you will add your affiliate link directly to those group it doesn’t matter but in some website, they don’t allow direct affiliate link, that’s why I say tubebuddy has the best affiliate program ever.

you can also use forum websites like a forum and Reddit to join groups related to your affiliate niche and interact with people, remember to give real value and link back to your affiliate link.

You need to know one thing with free method is all about interacting with people in groups or forums and telling them how that service your promoting will help them that’s all without doing that, there are no other options.

Watch this video it will help you a lot with the promotion of your affiliate link.

Paid method of promoting affiliate links.

With the paid method, it’s easy but needs some budget you will use any ads manager website to promote your affiliate link.

most of the websites didn’t allow direct affiliate link promotion as we say at the beginning of this tutorial

you can use any paid promotion to promote your affiliate link but the best one is google ads, it’s with google ads that help me to make 2 conversions in just two days.

you will think how much should I pay to google ads to promote my tubebuddy affiliate link,right, maybe you don’t have that budget, do you think, how much I paid, it’s only 10$ for two days, 5$ a day.

How to choose the right keyword!

For my campaign, I use google keyword planner inside the google ads website, but you can use any keyword research tool as you want but if you’re going to use google ads for your campaign I recommend you to use google keyword planner.


In this affiliate marketing case study, we show you which program we promote, how important are the products, how we promote them, which method of promotion we use.

we show you everything we have done that we manage to get two conversions in two days, this is a real case study, we use paid promotion to get it so first but if you don’t have the budget don’t worry you will still do it.

just the video I place in this article I am very sure It may help you to start your new affiliate link promotion.

Check other articles about tubebuddy affiliate program that we saw you how this tool will help you as an affiliate marketer to start your affiliate marketing business.

Check it here

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